Let’s manage chronic diseases together

Pathmate offers a truly exceptional personalized and scalable 1-on-1 support to each chronic patient. Our platform enables health insurances to activate and engage their customers and provide scalable, personalized prevention and therapy support at low cost.

What your customers get to manage their disease

Meet Manoa, our «Digital Health Coach». She activates and empowers chronic patients to engage in self-care. Based on a patient’s individual situation, health condition and behaviour, Manoa provides personalized support. In collaboration with medical experts, we continuously add more chronic conditions, starting with blood pressure management. Our technology is modular and more tools and connected devices will be added.

Personalized Digital Coach

The core feature, our coach: A fully automated chatbot that matches patients individual lifestyle and needs and provides disease- and situation specific coaching and recommendations.

Smart Tracking Diary

We provide several tools to track and document disease- and lifestyle data . Each time a measurement or symptom is added, the «Digital Health Coach» provides individual feedback.

Lifestyle Change Motivation

Patients get their individual daily plans with personalized health goals. They can set their own diet, activity and stress goals to change their habits and will be motivated to achieve them.

Engaging Reminder

In order to support users in their everyday life, the app uses push notifications. This allows Manoa to remind users to take their medication, measure their blood pressure and to achieve their personal goals.



Partner with us and provide your customers scalable 1-on-1 chronic care support

Integrate our «Digital Health Coach» seamlessly into your processes and create a unique customer experience by extending the «Digital Health Coach» with your services and partners.

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