Our Vision

For every treatment there should be a Pathmate Coach guiding and supporting people beyond episodic healthcare visits.

Our Story

Pathmate Technologies was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the Center for Digital Health Interventions C4DHI, a common initiative of ETH Zürich and the University of St.Gallen. The technology of our «Digital Health Coach» is based on several years of research at the C4DHI. Various publications have shown the positive effects of the use of a digital coach on behavior and therapies.

The science behind

Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, psychologists and data analysts shaping the future of healthcare. We love bringing together behavioral psychology concepts, cutting edge technology and data science to help people changing their behavior and managing their health.

  • Our Core Team

    Business computer scientist with a focus on digital health innovation and UX. Involved in multiple digital therapy research and prototyping projects @ C4DHI.

    Dr. Dirk Volland

    Business and product developer, experienced in understanding customer needs and creating scalable products with true customer value.

    Michelle Heppler

    Passionate computer scientist, especially knowledge management and rule- based systems. Builder of Mobile Coach: The behavioral intervention platform @C4DHI.

    Andreas Filler

    Software developer, especially mobile applications development with a focus on user experience (UX) and game design.

    Christoph Göttert
    Software Developer

    Behavioral Designer, applying scientific methods, psychological insights and statistical expertise to design health interventions.

    Anna Lenz
    Behavioral Psychologist

    Digital Health Coach, never tired of supporting people in their everyday life and acquiring new skills and know-how.

    Digital Coach
  • Advisory Board
    Gabriella Chiesa
    General Secretary CSS Insurance
    Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch
    Chair of Information Management (ETH Zurich) and Operations Management (University of St.Gallen)
    Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Thierry Carrel
    Director Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Inselspital
    Prof. Dr. med. Dagmar L'Allemand
    Leading Physician for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetelogy at the Children Hospital Ostschweiz
    Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch
    Scientific Director of the Center for Digital Health Interventions at ETH Zurich & University of St.Gallen.
    PD Dr. Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Severin Haug
    Research Director Swiss Institute for Addiction and Health Research in Zurich

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