Become a lifelong partner for your customers

Offer your customers the «Digital Health Coach» and engage them in self-management. Benefit from increased customer loyalty and provide life-changing impact at scale for people living with chronic diseases.

Your Benefits

Partner with us to increase your customer satisfaction and scale your chronic care management. We will ensure an easy and fast implementation. From onboarding to reporting, our team will make the process as easy as possible for you and your customers.


Increase customer value and loyalty

Create an added value for your customers by providing them a «Digital Health Coach» and differentiate yourself from the competition. Benefit from co-branding options and the opportunity of adding your own communication channel.



Enable scalable prevention and therapy support

The fully automated chatbot enables a scalable and effective management of people living with chronic diseases. Expand your reach to thousands of people and provide them the 1-on-1 support they deserve.


Tackle the rising costs of chronic diseases

Support chronic disease prevention and therapy by empowering patients in self-management. Continuously encourage them to increase adherence and improve their risk control at low cost.



Address multiple diseases with only ONE coach

There is no need to offer various different solutions and mobile apps. Our Digital Health Coach is designed to support people with multiple chronic conditions and will evolve over time.


Integrate existing and develop new health services

Create your own health service ecosystem by integrating your existing partners and services or adding new ones. Benefit from a completely new customer touch point that enables you to develop new health and insurance products or services.


Let's become partners!

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